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Uno degli utenti che seguiamo da tanti anni è PhantomTMA . E’ stato colui che ci ha fatto appassionare a questo fantastico mondo. Uno stile di gioco particolare, nel quale il tempo è riempito da lunghi silenzi e gente che prova a scovarti… Parliamo di un softgunner con una passione per il camuffaggio e per il gioco di tattica non indifferente, in game che possono durare anche diversi giorni.

Il video che ci ha fatto conoscere PhantomTMA che desideriamo condividere con voi e che ha acceso in noi la passione per questo ruolo è stato pubblicato su Yuotube nel 2007. Questo è il video. Naturalmente la massima risoluzione è 480p, ma vale la pena guardarlo con l’idea di condividere e accendere in noi una bellissima passione.

Abbiamo avuto modo di parlare con PhantomTMA, che è riuscito a farci capire quanto può essere grande questa passione.

  • (ASW) When did you start playing softair?
  • (panthomTMA) June 1991 was first 2 day woodland event.mwe played in a rainstorm in the pitch pack of night. The following day I did my school maths exam.
  • (ASW) When you realized that the sniper’s role would be your passion?
  • (panthomTMA) Almost straight away. We had spring rifles but opponents had the first TM aeg Famas… so I soon learnt to hide and make my first shot count or else i was toast. I played with aeg for 8 years but had scope and used single semi auto shots. When aps2 was released I bought a mk2 shorter and after that g spec in 2004 then tanaka 2007.

  • (ASW) I have been following you on your youtube channel for over 10 years and you have videos that are amazing. Your camouflage skills are really efficient and so are the shooting skills. Can I ask how much time do you spend in this activity? I saw you organize courses. Please, Can you talk about that to me?
  • (panthomTMA) hunteering is a huge part if my life and I’m engaged with it in some way every day. I used to play over 30 days per year for over 20 years maybe over 2 full years of my life has been in the field. I figure I have probably played more days than any one else. Every year till 2003 we used to play a five day endurance event. Few have played 5 day long events. the courses are run by experienced by hunteers. It’s a 2 day event made up if instruction and then relevant games. In the games if you achieve the objective to score points. There are 100 available if you score 50 or more you get to come back for free as an instructor. The courses explain how to get by in a 2 day game and how hunteering rules work. It helps people enjoybthier first games and be competent.
  • (ASW) What advice could you give us to have a good bolt action?
  • (panthomTMA) To get a good bolt action either buy a good 100 percent vsr clone or a kjw m700. Research upgrades as both systems don’t cost the earth to make usable. 400fps is often ample. Accuracy is more important than power. The hop up is the brain of the gun.
  • (ASW) What is the bolt action you like and why? 
  • (panthomTMA) i like tanaka m700 pcs rifles. I have 8 and they are different chassis. For 10 years I used m40a1 chassis but I’m moving to m24 carbine I’m building. Despite being gas these rifles give great accuracy and j have even lobbed a 2.5j 0.45g to 155 yards with one! They are rare rifles as banned in 2005 from production in Japan.
  • (ASW) In which nation you play and which rules your state requires to play airsoft?
  • (panthomTMA) i play in the UK. Bolt rifles can be up to 2.5j power.

  • (ASW) Do you think FPS weighs so much for the sniper role? If I told you that in Italy the limit is 1J !!? What would you recommend to the Italian airsoft sniper also in terms of bb’s?
  • (panthomTMA) power onlynhelpsmin open areas. In closer terrain lower powered rifles are more handy with no MED. At 1j I would use either good 0.30g or supergrandmaster 0.29g
  • (ASW) You organize also competitions: what kind of rules do you use? and in what way ?
  • (panthomTMA) the rukesbare simple in hunteering. 2 days with a random partner to collect marks from several orienteering controls. Then at the end hit a target that is defended by a lone hunter. Bolt action shotgun or pistol only. No DMR or aeg. 2 x10 round mags for rifle. 2 x12 round mags for pistol for the whole weekend.

  • (ASW) Are you more a person that like 5 cameras on his self and then post the video on youtube!? or are you more for living the adventure and if you have made some videos put it on yt?
  • (panthomTMA) I don’t make scope cam vids anymore. I like yo enjoy gaming without distractions. Cameras give you away at times. I like him still make films but with my drone and serious cameras.

thank you for dedicating your precious time to us.

Incredibile come una passione possa farti crescere tanto da portarti ad affinare la tecnica, fino a curare nei minimi dettagli la costruzione di una ghillie suit, l’adattamento e la navigazione nei boschi ed in fine la gestione dei bolt action e delle armi di backup. Voi riuscireste, con il carico di stress in gioco, a resistere per 5 giorni? In qualsiasi condizione climatica e magari in solitudine? Ricercare ed essere ricercati da altri sniper? Questo e’ HUNTEERING.

Se volete avere un contatto diretto con PhantomTMA potete farlo tramite il suo sito o potete seguirlo sul suo canale youtube . Inoltre potete seguire lui ed il suo gruppo tramite facebook nel gruppo o pagina dove potete trovare tutte le informazioni al riguardo.

Ringraziamo phantomTMA per il tempo speso per noi e per averci dato modo di potervi raccontare di lui.

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